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For years PE-X-pipes made by Hewing play off their advantages in material certain and solid in the application field of surface regulation, radiator connection and tap water installation:

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MT-multilayer pipes

Hewing MT-multilayer pipes combine the positive characteristics of plastic material and aluminium. For this reason they have developed as the future material for the …

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The application fields

Available in special construction and design they are beyond suitable for surface temperature regulation and indoor- gas installation. In addition to the advantages of the…

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Our application – That can you do with our products

Surface regulation

Oxygen impermeable and corrosion free PE-X pipes and aluminium multilayer pipes designed for heating applications provide all the properties required for…

Radiator connection

Hewing GmbH offers PE-X-pipes and aluminium multilayer pipes for surface heating systems, easy to handle. These customer specific products fulfil for…

Pipes for drinking water installation – tap water

Hewing PE-X-pipes and aluminium multilayer pipes are ideal for domestic tap water application. They fulfil the enormously high temperature and pressure requirements and…



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