Called MT or multilayer pipe

A multilayer composite pipe (MT-multilayer tipe) is usually prepared like the following way:

  1. inner tube
  2. bonding layer / adhesive layer / adhesive
  3. aluminum tube / aluminum layer
  4. bonding layer / adhesive layer / adhesive
  5. outer tube.

Although these composite pipes are easy to bend they have a sturdy outer tube. The third layer of aluminum serves to bend the mlcp-pipes to the correct position and also lets in no oxygen.
That is preventing corrosion and durability of aluminum composite pipes are increased.
In addition the mlcps are lightweight and suitable for all types of installations like:
heating, plumbing, floor and wall heating.
Since 2008 it is also suitable for gas.
Thus the individual elements of the successive plugged composite pipes continue to be tight there are different ways to connect these multilayerpipes.

  1. Press connections
  2. sliding sleeve technique
  3. screw
  4. Connectors

For the former you need special pliers to produce a high pressure. The screw and plug connections can also be released later. We recommend that you use for pressing the multilayer pipes for being faster and more economical the „press connections“, but for a cheaper alternative for the laying of aluminum multilayer pipes you can use „screw“.