Aplicaciones especiales

Aplicaciones especiales

Los áreas de aplicación

Los tubos PE-X y los tubos de multicapa aluminio que han sido desarollados y fabricados por Hewing se usan principalmente para sistemas de acondicionamiento térmico de superficies, conexión a radiadores e instalaciones para el agua potable.

Los productos Hewing cumplen con todas las exigencias requeridas en estos areas y garantizan una rápida y limpia instalación. En los departamentos para pruebas técnicas son examindos a fondo para garantizar su seguridad y confiablidad.

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Polybutene-pipes (PB)

This all-round pipe is resistant against heating, aging and light stable and has excellent technologic, mechanical, chemical and physical properties. Extreme smooth internal walls contribute to a low flow resistance. During the installation process the polybutene pipes show an extraordinary flexibility.

Stainless steel – multi layer pipes

In particular for the visible presented parts of tap water – and radiator installation this premium quality butt-welded multi-layer pipe is tailored and captivates with the appealing visual appearance of its stainless steel external layer. Low weight, simple bending with hand tools and the possibility of cutting the lengths with a simple pipe cutter predestines this multi layer pipe for use as a construction pipe. Thus the stainless steel multi layer pipe is a perfect alternative to replace a solid wall stainless steel pipe for e.g. furniture- or vehicle industry.

 Multi chamber pipe

This double solution for hot water and cycles allows a hot water supply without delay. The space saving solution of the 2-in 1 pipe is easy to install and deliverable with symmetric or asymmetric insulation provided from factory. The pipes are characterized by pressure resistance up to 8 bar and high resistance against chemicals according to DIN 8075, supplementary sheet. It fulfills highest hygienic requirements and offers extraordinary smooth surfaces that lead to low pipe abrasion lost.


This extremely flexible PELLDXc pipe distinguishes itself by very low restoring strength and easy treatment. The oxygen barrier pipes according to DIN 4726 with EVOH layer are available optionally. The corrosion-and incrustation free pipe fulfills the hygiene requirements according to KTW + W270. It is even more temperature – and stress cracking resistant than the conventional polyethylene.