Hewing – the powerful PEX pipe producer, PEX pipe producer and PERT pipe producer from Ochtrup

Hewing GmbH – as a PE-X pipe producer, PE-Xc pipe producer and PE-RT pipe producer – has built numerous innovations enormous know-how in the production of plastic pipes. Thus the specialist of pipes can accurately estimate the various components pass the PEX pipes and how different compositions, depending on the application, can be.
The following processes play a major role in a PEX pipe production, PEXc pipe production and PERT pipe production:
Serves as the foundation for all pipes either PERT pipe, PEX AL PEX pipe, PEX pipe or tube PEXc is in common the material “polyethylene”. Depending on the stability guarantee there are various methods of networking. General it can be said:
when the density of crosslinking is higher, more durable these pipes of PE series are.

PEX pipes

The abbreviation “PEX pipe” stands for “polyethylene pipe Crosslinking” or “polyethylene pipe networking”. In this manufacturing method the individual molecules crosslink so narrow that a higher density is grown. In the physical cross-linking method of PEXC pipe production occur with release of hydrogen only carbon-carbon bonds (C-C). The original properties of the polyethylene are largely retained. This ensures that the top layer is not scratched and composite pipes and other pipe variants continue many of polyethylene (such as composite pipes or PE-X AL PE-X pipes).
Once another letter for example the small letter “c” is added, PE-Xc pipe, the networking is built specially. In this case the cross-linking will get to an electron beam crosslinking.

PE-RT pipes

When polyethylenes of „Raised Temperature Resistance pipe production“ (short PE-RT pipe production) a material used specifically which was developed for the application areas “floor heating”, “Radiator connection” and “hot and cold water pipes.” Thanks to its unique molecular structure with evenly over the backbone distributed octene branches while narrow molecular weight distribution is an unnecessary networking.