MT – multilayer pipes

Aluminium – combined advantages

MT – multilayer pipes

Aluminium – combined advantages

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Aluminium – combined advantages

Hewing MT-multilayer pipes combine the positive characteristics of plastic material and aluminium. For this reason they have developed as the future material for the tap water installation and radiator connection. Available in special construction and design they are beyond

  • They are flexible and easy to install and suitable to the installation situation. By this advantage the installation times are shorter.
  • They are resistant against temperature – and pressure strain in tap water and heating application.
  • They are oxygen – impermeable according to DIN 4726 and prevent incrustation in the heating system.
  • They are hygienically and neutral in material, even in case of high pH-value fluctuation of the tap water.

suitable for surface temperature regulation and indoor- gas installation. In addition to the advantages of the Pe-Xc pipes the light weighted aluminium multi-layer pipes with butt- welded aluminium layer have a head start:

  • They are corrosion free and have a reliable life-time.
  • They have a plain surface that grants non- incrustation. By this the cross-section reduction can be excluded and a constant flow rate is granted.
  • They are resistant to mechanical impacts e.g. during the transport on the construction site.
  • They are stable against solvents and other chemicals.

MT-FLEX-multilayer pipes

MT-FLEX-multilayer pipes are specially constructed for surface temperature regulation for the application field under floor- heating and –cooling, wall- heating/ cooling and ceiling- cooling.

Special features of MT-FLEX-multilayer pipes are e.g.:

  • Fast installation, even for large areals.
  • Easy to bend due to the thinner aluminium layer.
  • Low weight and fast to process.
  • Form stability that avoids elastic recovery.
  • Constant layer composition and the same calculable features for the entire pipe construction grants a high product- and processing safety.
  • Stability in temperature- and pressure requirements in view on surface heating – and cooling application.
  • Non- corrosion ability grants a long duration.
  • Non- incrustation that excludes a cross-section reduction.
  • Reduction of pressure losses ensures a constant remaining flow rate.

MT-GAS-multilayer pipes

MT-GAS-multilayer pipes are the first multilayer pipes applied for gas and gas-indoor-installation.

Special features of MT-GAS-multilayer pipes are e.g.:

  • Simple to bend, lower weight and faster treatment than traditional materials.
  • Form stability does reduce the assembling effort.
  • Cost saving and reducing difficult installation parts.
  • Due to the even layer- construction and the constantly calculable characteristics all over the entire pipe extent, a high product- and processing safety is ensured.
  • Diffusion resistance that makes odorant and methane non-leakable.
  • The PE-X-external layer grants abrasion-resistance.