Technical test service

Technical test service

Customer Service à la Hewing

Hewing – that does mean more than the mere pipe production, reliable and in-time delivery: this is a service including a real surplus value that completes the product portfolio and that does make Hewing a strong partner, every time and for all subjects.

The services offered by Hewing are structured in two parts:

Partner-package for product – customers
The decision for Hewing is a decision for high quality without the ifs and buts. This is applicable as well for the numerous service offers that the customers can use all around the products. This partner- package is specially configured to support suppliers of complete systems in their projects, e.g.:

  • Joint research and development with customer
  • excellent equipped test technique
  • complete technical support
  • competent marketing-concepts
  • individual elaborated training courses
  • flexible Logistics (modern central logistics centre, packaging according to customer- specific requirements, cooperation with high-performance logistic service providers, reliable „just-in-time”)

Supply of Third party Service
Individual selected Hewing- service is offered to interested enterprises, as a part of the Hewing product program:

  • Temperature-change tests
  • Pressure and inventory
  • bending tests
  • Temperature test
  • Flexural fatigue tests
  • Vibration tests
  • Pressure shock tests
  • Oxygen diffusion test

Technical test service

The all-round test technology package ranges from raw material analysis to final product and system tests under extreme conditions. Tests during development generate clarity regarding the functionality and practicability of new pipes, fittings and components. Even application simulations as well as individual customized testing programmes are possible.

This ensures that only optimized products and systems which meet the specified requirements reach official certification tests.