«Hewing» — это…


… надежный поставщик современной полимерной продукции для систем отопления и охлаждения.

Предприятия-производители санитарно-технических и отопительных систем извлекают двойную выгоду из тесных партнерских связей с нашей компанией. Они получают высококачественную продукцию и полный комплект услуг нашего предприятия, соответствующий индивидуальным требованиям каждого заказчика. Помимо этого наша компания располагает обширным ноу-хау и уникальными производственными мощностями для изготовления продукции, отвечающей предъявляемым заказчиками требованиям.

«Hewing» учитывает специфику и требования рынка, постоянно анализируя происходящие на рынке изменения и обеспечивая конструктивный диалог с деловыми партнерами. Кроме того, специалисты нашей компании участвуют, например, в работе многочисленных отечественных и международных комиссий и организаций по стандартизации. Эта деятельность стимулирует как разработку новой продукции, так и успешное завершение проектов по заказу наших клиентов.

Большое значение мы придаем мероприятиям по повышению квалификации, проводимым в нашем корпоративном учебном центре.



Portrait – puzzling permitted!

Innovation processes always start with customer requests at Hewing GmbH. The pipe expert in Ochtrup supplies enterprises of the sanitary- and heating business. The important partners for developing new products are the sales managers of Hewing GmbH. They transfer all customers’ requests immediately forward to the Muensterland head office.
In cooperation with the technical development and the marketing department the precise custom-tailored plastic pipes will be created.

One sales manager is in particular responsible for industrial inquiries. He is the one who is elaborating the detailed pipe structures together with the customer, e.g. special heating pipes with extraordinary heat resistance. First the sales manager has to agree upon the product with the marketing and development department and then he is free to continue his work up to the sample production. “In general all employees at Hewing GmbH are free to work independently in their operating field”. Michael Vens, head of product management explains.

Always mutual with the customer
During the entire process the project team is responsible for the success of the project that consists of staff of the product management, development department, sales manager and production. The marketing department – the so called “product management” at Hewing GmbH is involved from the start. After the successful finish of testing period of the sample pipes the next step follows. The marketing department collects all relevant information about the new product and develops promotion material for the range of customers. The product flyer and the technical data sheets provide detailed information about the product performance. And here the innovation circle of Hewing GmbH product will come to a close. Now it is the task of the sales manager to inform the customer about the innovation and to clarify all questions in a personal conversation. Puzzling permitted!

Step for step to new pipe products
When a sample pipes has been produced the next step is following in the well organized innovation process. As a well-tuned innovation project team, the sales manager, the head of the development department and Michael Vens, head of product management are mutually checking possible synergies with other customers. As well the other sales managers are asked.
But exclusive products for only one particular customer are not rare. Of course larger investments have to be discussed with the business management.


Hewing GmbH at a glance

Founding year:
Head office:
Total area:
ca. 45.000 square meter
  1. Administration
  2. Research and Development
  3. Extrusion
  4. Cross-linking
  5. Packaging
  6. Logistics center
  7. Training center

Вехи развития компании


Weltweit einer der Führenden

Hewing GmbH has several top positions in:

  • One of globally leading manufacturers of PE-Xc pipes
  • One of the leading manufacturers of multilayer pipes (MT-multilayer pipes)
  • State-of-the-art «in-house“ laboratory and test facility center

Precise components

Following the company slogan “Designed for you” Hewing produces customized and precise components, e.g. for:

Customized products

Individually designed and manufactured plastic pipe technology ensures high customer satisfaction – simply “Designed for you”.

  • Individualization via numerous parameters
  • Customized to system requirements
  • Customized to application requirements
  • Customized to special client requirements

Customers can distinguish their system technology using Hewing products.

The following customer-specific parameters are determined:


Layer structure


Pipe length



In-plant insulation


Consistent orientation

Benefit from Hewing’s consistent orientation to meet your requirements: added value that pays off!

  • High quality throughout all production steps > means for you low claim rate
  • Development-Know-how > means for you products in line with market requirements
  • Sales service and support > means for you lower marketing costs
  • Training courses and technical advise > means for you competent expert advise for your customers
  • Test engineering services > means for you lower approval costs

High-quality production forms the basis

Always state-of-the-art with consistently process-oriented procedures and continuous quality monitoring: that’s the production at Hewing.

  • Extrusion with a total of 10 production lines
  • 2 cross-linking facilities, on which more than meters PE pipes have been physically cross-linked
  • Pipe refinement at which Hewing pipes are refined to high-quality pre-insulated products
  • MT multilayer pipe production on 5 lines which are aligned to special Hewing processes