MT – 多層管道

铝 – 综合优势

MT – 多層管道

铝 – 综合优势

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铝 – 综合优势


  • 柔韧,易于使用,所以能灵活适应工作现场的情况。由此缩短了安装时间。
  • 能完全承受饮用水和暖气供应的温度和压力要求。
  • 符合DIN 4726对氧气渗透的要求,从而防止了供暖系统中的结垢现象。
  • 卫生,材料保持中性,在饮用水出现pH值强烈波动时也是如此。


  • 耐腐蚀,从而有较长的使用寿命。
  • 表面光滑,防结垢,从而防止了横截面变窄,并保证了恒定的流速。
  • 耐机械影响,如在运输过程中和在施工现场出现的机械影响。
  • 耐溶剂和化学物质。

MT-FLEX-multilayer pipes

MT-FLEX-multilayer pipes are specially constructed for surface temperature regulation for the application field under floor- heating and –cooling, wall- heating/ cooling and ceiling- cooling.

Special features of MT-FLEX-multilayer pipes are e.g.:

  • Fast installation, even for large areals.
  • Easy to bend due to the thinner aluminium layer.
  • Low weight and fast to process.
  • Form stability that avoids elastic recovery.
  • Constant layer composition and the same calculable features for the entire pipe construction grants a high product- and processing safety.
  • Stability in temperature- and pressure requirements in view on surface heating – and cooling application.
  • Non- corrosion ability grants a long duration.
  • Non- incrustation that excludes a cross-section reduction.
  • Reduction of pressure losses ensures a constant remaining flow rate.

MT-GAS-multilayer pipes

MT-GAS-multilayer pipes are the first multilayer pipes applied for gas and gas-indoor-installation.

Special features of MT-GAS-multilayer pipes are e.g.:

  • Simple to bend, lower weight and faster treatment than traditional materials.
  • Form stability does reduce the assembling effort.
  • Cost saving and reducing difficult installation parts.
  • Due to the even layer- construction and the constantly calculable characteristics all over the entire pipe extent, a high product- and processing safety is ensured.
  • Diffusion resistance that makes odorant and methane non-leakable.
  • The PE-X-external layer grants abrasion-resistance.